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 Decimals, Fractions and Percents


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Now You Can Become a good at Math – And It’s Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Inside of This FREE eBook you’ll discover how learning to work with decimals, percent, and fractions help you to understand the strategies to study and practice when add subtract, multiply and divide decimals and fractions, plus you’ll discover how to solve real life problems applications without worries in making any mistake with numbers.

Keep Reading to Find Out the Secrets of Improving Your Math Skills!
  • How to master decimals, percent and fractions in as little as  7 days.
  • ​The quick and easy way to get the math skills - it works so well you' ll swear it must be magic!
  • ​You'll discover the fast and easy way to good at decimals, percent and fractions - even if you don't know anything about numbers and operations.
  • ​How to quickly recognize and avoid big mistakes when you solve a math problem!
  • ​Why it's NOT your fault if you have bad result - and what you can do starting today to get good result!
  • ​A simple strategy, step examples to help you understand the lesson...(Just the fundamentals you need to start practicing)...  
  • How to represent decimals using models in word form, standard form, and expanded form.
  • ​Most students make a mistake when estimate the sum or difference of decimals by rounding each to the nearest whole number. Find out what are the steps you should follow... on this new e-Book.
  • ​The simple 2-step to convert from decimals, to fractions and to percent.
  • ​I finally discovered the secret of learning everything in Math when you read my brand-new book, “Ultimate Math Guide!” 
  • ​You’ve already discovered the first two steps you need to add and subtract any whole number. The third step is simple: Read my brand-new eBook…
  • ​Imagine how would it feel being a good at solving many world-problems who are just enjoying not having problems with decimals, percent, and fractions.

In this book, you’re going to discover what the ultimate math guide is, why the basic math concepts and practices are essential to apply to real-world problems

Here’s a few topics we cover in this book:

  • 30 Study Guide and Reviews with detailed explained examples and Practices Problems with answers
  • A simple, step by step solution of how to represent, compare, solve problems involving Decimals, Percents, and Fractions

Maria Torriente has been a certified full-time math teacher at Miami Dade Public School from 2003 to the present with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics and General Education.
In 2014, Maria founded the Excel Mathematics Learning Center to help and tutor students to improve their math skills and succeed. 

Maria has been a tutor and highly experienced in teaching Math at any level for more than 35 years with highly developed skills in business management, strategic planning, and design.

Maria is a FOUNDER of the Online Math Class Videos platform website, Excel Mathematics. In the last seven years, she has focused on creating math video lessons to help students achieve their three main goals: 

Get the knowledge, Practice, and Apply.

Maria Torriente Author


"This E-Book is such an incredible offer! I've never had a math book before that explained problems with decimal, percents, and fractions so quickly and easily like this. Yes, this FREE e-Book gives you step-by-step instructions and the strategies you need to accelerate, improve, and apply to world math problems."
"This E-book has been so amazing to find. This E-book quickly goes to the point and explains the problem—the practices review with examples that guide you when you do your practice skills worksheets alone. Then, at the end of each practice, you will find the answers to each problem, getting your feedback soon. " 
"When I started practicing with this Ultimate Math Guide e-Book, my grades in Math began to change. I went from F to A, and I see success with math practice skills? Thanks to Excel Mathematics!"
"This E-book helps your child get the abilities they need to improve working with Decimals, Percents, and Fractions and gain the knowledge necessary to solve real-life problems applications."
Jessica Furniel
The math practice skill solutions in this E-Book have helped my child immensely that placed him to a higher level in Math. Once he has mastered the concept of decimals, percent, and fractions, he can do his homework quickly without my help. Amazing e-Book.
I recommend it!
William Arias
"My girls like learning from this E-Book. They say that they can now understand their homework when they get home. I can see that they are more confident in their math skills."
Sarah Patterson

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For the past 35 years, Maria Torriente has been helping middle, high school, college, and university students unlock the bad results they are experiencing, achieve their full potential and create a life they're genuinely excited about it.

In this life-changing FREE e-Book, Maria will guide you through the 30 proven ways to unlock students' full potential have about math and take you step-by-step instructions of working with decimals, percents, and fractions quickly and efficiently! 
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